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How Property Tax Penalties Accrue

A big bill is what you expect when you buy expensive things. You understand that you have to pay for the things you do. Property tax penalties work in the opposite way; you have to pay for what you do not do. Delinquent taxes incur penalties that may seem excessive, but they are allowed by law and you are obligated to pay them. Propel Tax is an expert on property tax loans in Texas, and can get you the help you need to pay your growing tax bill.

Big Penalties for Delinquent Taxes

Dallas County property taxes pay for local services, and the tax authorities depend on the income source to provide them. To encourage you to pay your tax bill on time, a penalty schedule rapidly increases the amount you owe.

The penalties that attach to your unpaid tax bill include:

  • 6% for the first month or part of a month
  • an additional 1% for each month that taxes remain delinquent
  • an increase to 12% on July 1
  • an increase to 20% for attorney fees in some cases

Alternatives to Paying Penalties

Residential property tax loans at Propel Tax could provide a way for you to avoid paying county tax penalties. Experienced consultants guide you through the process and answer all of your questions.

To start saving money on your tax bill, initiate the process that includes the following steps:

  1. completing a telephone application
  2. getting approval
  3. attending a closing
  4. letting Propel pay your tax bill

Propel wants to help you protect your home against foreclosure or tax liens. Taxing authorities can impose severe sanctions on you when your taxes are not paid, but there is a ready alternative that you can accept.

For the well-being of your family, take steps as soon as possible to arrange a loan with Propel Tax. Call 1-877-324-8445 to complete three-step loan application. We can approve you and pay off your delinquent taxes, including any penalties you have accrued, in as little as three days.

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