Commercial Property Tax Loans


Lower your overhead expenses.

Commercial property owners in Texas pay some of the highest property taxes in the country. And penalties on unpaid property taxes are staggering, usually topping 48% in the first year alone. Left unchecked, you could be facing thousands of dollars in penalties and interest, which could be better invested in growing your business. As Texas’s most experienced commercial property tax lender, we understand your desire to retain your capital. We also know that you want to avoid the hefty cost of delinquent taxes. Fortunately, we offer solutions to this problem.

Avoid penalties and fees.

Propel Tax, Texas’ leading property tax lender, funds your property taxes directly to the county before you incur any additional penalties. We offer repayment plans specifically tailored for commercial property owners throughout Texas. By restructuring your tax payments with us, you can maximize your cash flow and financial flexibility, allowing you to reinvest in your business.

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The Process

Propel Tax, Texas’ leading property tax lenders, funds your property taxes directly to the county to solve your property tax issue. We have tailored our property tax payment plans to specifically address the needs of commercial property owners throughout Texas and the country. By restructuring your tax payments with us, you can maximize your cash flow and financial flexibility, allowing you to remain competitive in your business endeavors.



Call our office at 877-324-8445 to complete the telephone application.


Approval & Processing

Propel will begin processing your account as soon as we receive the completed application. We are often able to approve an application the same day it is submitted and will help ensure your corporate entities are in good standing.



We will send a notary at a time and location convenient to your schedule.


We Pay Your Taxes

Typically between 4-7 days, we pay off everything you owe directly to the tax office.

Benefits of a Propel Tax Property Tax Loan

Our commercial tax division has the financial capability to pay your property tax bill, no matter the size. Our lending rates are extremely competitive, and we can structure our loans to fit your budget and anticipated cash flow.

Don’t wait! Call our commercial property division today and stop the revenue drain. The process is simple, and we’ll walk you through every step to help you avoid possible additional county penalties, interest, or fees. We’ve been helping businesses all across Texas, and we can help you too with our manageable property tax payment plans.

Consider Propel financial lending as your alternative source for capital to:

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    Free up additional cash flow
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    Save you money in penalties and interest
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    Create leverage for your capital
Our Customers' Propel Experience

I was very happy with the total process; everyone involved was very polite and informative. The process from start to end was very convenient.


Houston, Texas
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