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What Your Property Taxes Are Really Paying For

Texas property taxes are enacted at the county level -- they are used to fund services like roads, schools, hospitals, and emergency services.

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San Antonio Business Journal Announces entrepreneur Red McCombs buyout of Propel Financial Services LLC

Iconic entrepreneur Red McCombs, founder of Clear Channel Communications and former owner of the San Antonio Spurs, has bought back Propel Financial Services LLC

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Property Tax Loan

Property Taxes 101: Understanding Your Property Tax Payments

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or just now beginning your search, it’s important to make sure you fully understand the ins and outs of your property tax payments and what happens if you miss your annual property tax deadline.

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Propel Named Servicer on Record-Setting Tax Lien Securitization

Propel Financial Services, LLC was named as the primary servicer and advisor on a $144.4M securitization of over 32,000 property tax liens

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White Paper

Corporate social responsibility: We are the community

For Propel, the many complex concepts discussed in the study can be expressed in very simple terms: We don’t just work here. We live here.

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Press Release

Company Pays off Liens on Habitat Home

BRIDGEPORT — Back taxes and interest totaling $27,000 had kept a duplex unit Habitat for Humanity hoped to restore from being home to a new family.

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Case Study

Adapting to changing market conditions

Bernard Weiner, Managing Member Can Am Development LLC Phoenix, Arizona

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Press Release

Guest Voices: Time to take a good look at how securitization helps the economy

“Securitization” sounds like one of those buzzwords we hear from bankers and financial types to cue us that it’s time to tune out.

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Case Study

Unforeseen costs and risks to reputation

Propel gave Daryle Perez and his company much more control over the process of paying property taxes.

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