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June 30th property tax payment deadline is coming, what you need to know.

Attention property owners in Texas: A critical date is swiftly approaching for those who have not yet paid their 2022 property taxes. With each passing month, late fees and interest are accumulating, making it imperative to take action before June 30th. 

On July 1st, your local taxing authority can impose two additional fees that can significantly inflate the amount you owe to the government. Firstly, you may be subjected to an additional percentage on penalties and interest, potentially elevating your original bill by up to 18%. Secondly, and of greater importance, the county can charge attorney fees to cover the costs of collection. This can result in a staggering increase of up to 40% or more of your original tax bill. 

It is worth noting that in most Texas counties, the cumulative effect of these fees can raise your tax bill by as much as 47% over the course of the first 12 months. Ultimately, if left unresolved, this may lead the Tax Collector to initiate foreclosure proceedings on your property. 

Given the significance of this impending deadline, Propel aims to assist its customers in minimizing the overall amount they have to pay to relieve themselves of this tax burden. Taking action to prevent the accumulation of late fees prior to July 1st is the simplest way to reduce your overall liability. 

We have designed our loan process to be quick and user-friendly, prioritizing our customers' convenience. The longer you delay without taking action, the more your local taxing authority will levy charges against you, plunging you into a deeper financial predicament. 

Contact Propel Tax today to learn how you can avoid these increases and save money with a Propel property tax loan. The process is quick and simple, and we can advise you no matter what your situation may be. 

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