Why Propel For Your Property Tax Loans?

For more than a decade, Propel has worked tirelessly to earn the trust of its customers, tax assessors, employees, and other stakeholders. That hard work has paid off: Propel is the longest-serving market leader since 2009.

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Property Tax Loan Industry Leader

Propel has funded more property taxes in Texas than any any other lender - over $600 Million. We have been refining our processes for eleven years so that we can continue to deliver exceptional service and results to our customers. Propel has also led efforts to better regulate the tax lending industry and reduce the costs to consumers.


High Customer Satisfaction

We have deep experience in understanding and addressing of our clients’ needs, from knowledgeable salespeople to a leadership team with 40+ years of industry experience. Propel offers flexible payment options for all Texans.

I was very happy with the total process; everyone involved was very polite and informative. The process from start to end was very convenient.


Houston, Texas
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Technology Driven

Because we have listened to our 50,000 customers, we have built systems to give customers what they want: the ability to fund taxes quickly and transact entirely online after their loan is funded.


We Are Texas

We have strong relationships with tax offices and banks throughout the state and have funded loans in over 170 countries (and can assist in all 254 Texas counties). We understand the different real estate markets throughout the state.


Frequently Asked Questions

Property tax rates within the state of Texas are some of the highest in the country — at an average of 1.94% across every county. That's why we know how hard taking the first step into financial peace-of-mind can be. Check out our frequently asked questions and see how we can help.

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Property Tax Insights

For Propel, the many complex concepts discussed in the study can be expressed in very simple terms: We don’t just work here. We live here.

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