Property Tax Loans

Help Avoid Late Fees and Possible Foreclosure with a Property Tax Loan

Property tax loans allow Texas residential and commercial property owners to avoid accruing significant potential county interest, taxes, fees, and penalties on their delinquent property taxes. We realize the stress brought by unpaid property taxes, and our process is designed to eliminate that stress and pay your taxes in a matter of days.

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Residential Property Tax Loan

If you’re having difficulty paying your property taxes for your home, Propel can provide the remedy you need. Our residential property tax consultants can provide you a solution needed to help avoid potential further county penalties and interest (and even foreclosure). We structure our loans with affordable monthly payments that allow you to regain control of your financial situation.

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Commercial Property Tax Loan

Commercial property owners in Texas pay some of the highest property taxes in the country. Propel understand the cyclical nature of small businesses and the seasonal cash needs of small business and commercial property owners. Propel’s commercial loans are designed to provide maximum flexibility and minimum cash outlay.

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How a Delinquent Property Tax Bill Increases

As soon as your property tax payment is late on February 1st, the taxing authority will charge 7 percent in interest and penalties. In most counties within the state of Texas, that rate increases by 2 percent per month until July 1st, when the taxing authority charges a massive collection fee of 20 percent.
By the end of the season, if your property taxes are still delinquent on July 1st, you will have accrued 38 percent in interest, penalties, and fees on your original property tax cost. Those penalties don’t have a cap either, as the rate will continue to increase each month, adding up to 44 percent in penalties and fees on top of your property tax payment in just in the first year alone.
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Penalties County Charges on Delinquent
Property Taxes


**Please note: Based on tax penalties in Texas counties excluding Travis County. Attorney’s fees are purely an estimation and may be higher.

Taxes & Tax Liens

Before your taxes are due, a tax lien is placed on your property by your local taxing authorities. On February 1st, the taxing authority begins charging interest and penalties with every passing month. These charges add up quickly - as the above chart illustrates. And as long as the taxes remain unpaid, the taxing authority can foreclose on the property.

This is why tax loans are a good option for many property owners. A property tax loan stops your tax bill from increasing and prevents the county from foreclosing. And as you make affordable monthly payments, your balance begins to decrease until you pay off your loan.

Why Propel?

For the past eleven years, Propel has helped over 50,000 property owners throughout Texas find affordable, cost-effective solutions to paying their property taxes.

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Property Tax Insights

Texas property taxes are enacted at the county level -- they are used to fund services like roads, schools, hospitals, and emergency services.

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