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Helping People Beyond Tax Loans

At Propel we take great pride in helping people. Typically, that happens through helping families find creative financial solutions for their outstanding property tax loans, but sometimes we get a chance to get out of the walls of our office and help people in a totally different way.

This October our team spent an inspiring afternoon at the San Antonio Food Bank. Along with our employees being able to step away from their desks and get to know each other better, it’s a fantastic opportunity to have a tangible, hands-on impact with our local San Antonio community.

In addition to being focused on helping property owners all over the state, we feel making an effort to volunteer in our own community is vitally important. That’s why we’ve visited the San Antonio Food Bank for the last three years, helping to build tens of thousands of meals for our neighbors. This year alone we sorted 9,998 pounds of food, which comes out to roughly 8,000 meals.

How awesome is that?

Part of what has helped Propel win one of San Antonio’s Top Places to Work designation six times since 2011 is giving our employees these kinds of opportunities.

It’s impossible to put a value on the feeling of satisfaction our team feels after an afternoon of volunteering at the San Antonio Food Bank. Add to that the ability for people to work alongside people they don’t usually get a chance to interact with during a normal business day and it’s a total win-win for our organization.

At Propel, it’s about more than financial services. It’s about our commitment to the community.

Propel Financial Services is in the business of helping clients resolve property tax debt and avoid foreclosure. Since 2007, Propel has paid more than 50,000 tax bills, making a difference in the lives of property owners across Texas in helping them keep their homes and businesses. Learn more about what Propel Financial Services can do for you by visiting

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