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How can a property tax loan help me?
A property tax loan can help you avoid the impending penalties, interest, and collection fees the county imposes on unpaid property taxes. It can also prevent the costly process and time spent fighting a foreclosure.

Why should I get a property tax loan?
A property tax loan can not only stop the increasing county penalties, interest, and lawyer fees, which can add up to 47% by the end of the first year of unpaid taxes, but it can also:

  • Stop county foreclosure
  • Save you time, worry, and money
  • Stop collection agencies

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Can a Propel Tax property tax loan cover my commercial property taxes?
Yes! Commercial property owners in Texas pay some of the highest property taxes in the country. As Texas’s most experienced commercial property tax lender, Propel Tax can offer you a repayment plan specifically tailored for commercial property owners throughout Texas.

What if I have bad credit?
At Propel Tax, we don't do credit checks and bad credit isn't an issue. We work with all types of people from all financial backgrounds.

How can a Propel Tax loan save me money?
Propel Tax pays delinquent taxes quickly and offers low monthly payments, low interest rates, and requires no down payments. Propel also rescues properties from foreclosure, which saves you time and money, not to mention you get to keep your property! 

How soon can we pay your property taxes?
Propel Tax can close your plan within 1 or 2 days of your application. On homestead properties, we are legally required to wait 3 days after your closing to pay your taxes. In total, we can pay your taxes in as little as 4 days after your initial call.

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Property taxes have risen 38 percent year-over-year in Clark County, Nevada – home to Las Vegas – raising the average 2017 tax bill on a single-family home to $2,445 from $1,774.


Nevada home prices have risen by 100 percent over the last five years.


The average yearly property tax paid by Clark County residents amounts to about 2.61% of their yearly income.


Washoe County collects the highest property tax in Nevada, levying an average of $1,889.00 (0.64% of median home value) yearly in property taxes.

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