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Don't be sued for your outstanding property taxes

As of July 1st, your delinquent taxes could lead to foreclosure on your property.

Stop the county lawsuits

Contact us today to stop the lawsuits and avoid foreclosure

If you’re reading this right now you probably have been receiving multiple letters from the county, lawyers, and others warning you of an impending lawsuit over your late taxes. It’s going to get worse as the year goes on, but we can put an end to it for you with a property tax loan from Propel Tax.

A Propel Tax loan can save you money by eliminating any further county penalties, interest, orcollection fees, but only if you act now. Don’t be sued or risk losing your property over past due property taxes. Call today or fill out the form on this page to talk with a licensed loan officer immediately.

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What if I have bad credit?
At Propel Tax, we don't do credit checks and bad credit isn't an issue. We work with people from any financial background.

How can a Propel Tax loan save me from foreclosure?
A Propel Tax loan can rescue your properties from foreclosure by paying your delinquent taxes and fees, thereby causing county to halt the foreclosure process and any intimidating lawsuit letters from collection lawyers.

How soon can we pay your property taxes?
Propel Tax can close your plan within 1 or 2 days of your application. On homestead properties, we are legally required to wait 3 days after your closing to pay your taxes. In total, we can pay your taxes in as little as 4 days after your initial call.

Call us at (877) 324-8445 for a fast and free estimate. Our team of professionals will work with you to collect all related information and guide you through every step of the process; including application, processing, approval, and closing.

Stop the county lawsuits

Contact us today to stop the lawsuits and avoid foreclosure

Our Customers' Propel Experience

My family and I want to give a big thank you to Ken at Propel Tax for helping us save our home from being lost. He was very helpful and explained everything very well. You should consider Propel Tax for your property tax needs.


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The county lawsuits will not stop on their own.

Are you sure you want to continue to be at risk for foreclosure and increasing fees? A Propel Tax Loan will quickly stop the lawsuit, the law firm letters, and the risk of foreclosure.

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