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Property Tax Help: Importance of June 30 Deadline

If you’ve been putting off payment of your 2018 property taxes an important date is fast approaching.

Property owners who haven’t paid their taxes are being charged late fees and interest as each month passes by. On July 1, your local taxing authority can impose two fees that can massively increase the amount you owe to the government.

  • First, you may be charged an additional percentage owed on penalties and interest. From your original bill owed, you could now be looking at paying up to an additional 18%.
  • Secondly, and more importantly, July 1 is when the county can charge you for attorney fees to defray costs of collection. This can result in a massive increase up to as much as 40% of your original tax bill.

In most Texas counties, all of these fees can end up increasing your tax bill up to 47% over the first 12 months. Eventually, it can reach the point that the Tax Collector will foreclose on your property.

**Please note: Based on tax penalties in Texas counties excluding Travis County. Attorney’s fees are purely an estimation and may be higher.

This upcoming deadline is a huge one to say the least. Propel strives to minimize the total amount its customers have to pay to rid themselves of their tax burden. Stopping the racking up of late fees prior to July 1 is the easiest way to minimize your overall loan.

Our loan process is purposefully quick and easy for our customers’ benefit. The more time that passes by without action, the more your local taxing authority will charge you, putting you into an even deeper hole.

Call us today to see how a Propel tax loan can stop the wheel from turning and get you on a budget-friendly payment plan.

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