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Propel Financial Services Announces Consolidated Branding System & Website Between Rio Tax and Propel Tax

SAN ANTONIO, TX (September 5, 2018) - Propel Financial Services, a property tax loan firm based in San Antonio, Texas, is pleased to announce the completion of a successful brand and identity update in conjunction with Rio Tax and Propel Tax. Having combined with Rio Tax in 2007, and formally consolidated entities in 2012, this brand merger now combines the Rio Tax and Propel Tax brand under one visual identity - Propel Tax. 

While this brand identity combination changes the presentation of the two companies, it does not change the core functionality of the operations of the everyday business, allowing Texas property owners to continue to access affordable property tax payment solutions in every part of the state.

The completion of the brand identity—marked by the update of now directing customers to the Propel Tax website, and all Rio Tax content and branding now under the Propel Tax brand guidelines—is set to give all Texans the same quality customer service, now under one unified branding system.

“At Propel Tax, we're owned and operated by Texans who appreciate what Texans value and the importance of protecting our property," says Jack Nelson, Co-Founder and CEO of Propel Financial Services. "That's why we're pleased to announce the consolidation of these two powerful brand identities, as it furthers our commitment to helping property owners in Texas and beyond.” 

Benefits of the brand identity merger include:

  • Updated Propel Tax website with online payment portal features
  • Customer care and support now under Propel Tax brand identity
  • Competitive interest rates from Propel Tax for every qualified property owner
  • Working with Rio Tax and Propel Tax, rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

To learn more about the brand and identity merger, visit Propel Tax at


About Propel Financial Services

Propel Financial Services, parent company to Propel Tax, is in the business of helping clients resolve property tax debt and avoid foreclosure. Since 2007, Propel has paid more than 50,000 tax bills, making a difference in the lives of property owners across Texas in helping them keep their homes and businesses. Learn more about what Propel Financial Services can do for you by visiting

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